YouClout Marketplace is launching today!

YouClout Launches its TikTok-style NFT Marketplace

Since the creation of social networks, influencers have had to use different platforms to massify their content. As a result, they had to spend less time doing the most important thing: creating content. With YouClout marketplace influencers can focus more on creating value-worthy and centralize their efforts on one platform, allowing their content to be easily and securely monetized.

YouClout is the first NFT platform built on the Cardano blockchain which lets creators tokenize their content and sell it in the same place. YouClout marketplace is the first community-driven virtual social network with a dynamic 3D metaverse where anyone can engage with influencers.

In addition, the YouClout marketplace will be launched on October 7th at 12:00 UTC and the platform will be compatible with mobile devices and PC.

With YouClout content creators will be able to 100% own their content and easily boost the scope of their creations. Moreover, this will be possible by a set of specialized tools that will use artificial intelligence and blockchain technology. These tools will enable interaction between fans and brands. As a result, influencers will be able to scale their fanbase, have better engagement and boost their NFT sales. Creators can generate continuous streams of video content, have it listed in the marketplace where buyers can purchase it with a single swipe. The buyers can choose to store the NFT in their wallets or in the treasury smart contract.

Also, YouClout will have 2 unique monthly collections of NFT with real-life stories of different artists with a very limited supply.

On the other hand, YouClout has a native token, $YCT, that enables creators to easily and securely tokenize their content with an optimized experience. Also, with the $YCT token, influencers and users can:

  • Have access to events.
  • Buy NFTs with discounts.
  • Tips for your favorite hosts, creators, and artists.
  • Buy lands in YouClout’s metaverse.
  • Stake $YCT with liquidity mining or authorized websites.
  • Vote in YouClout’s governance protocol.

For more details, check out their Website..

Community-driven TikTok-style NFT Marketplace

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YouClout NFT

YouClout NFT

Community-driven TikTok-style NFT Marketplace

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