Next-Generation Video Platform for Influencers, Musicians, Mentors, and Teachers

Challenges Creators Face On Social Media Platforms of Today

YouClout: A Community-Driven Platform For Creators

  • Creators can easily build a loyal fanbase around video content with YouClout’s next-generation decentralized feature set.
  • Creators on YouClout can issue specialized Y-tokens to their community. They can create a free channel offering exclusive content to Y token holders.
  • The best part about YouClout is its conferencing platform. It is an extremely useful tool that lets creators hold conferences where they can directly interact with their audience and share valuable content. From weekly fan sessions to full-blown virtual events that match Coachella or Woodstock, the platform is capable of handling events of any scale.
  • YouClout is powered by blockchain technology. This means that it is fully transparent and decentralized. Creators own 100% of all their content, there is no need for middlemen, and content censorship will become a long-forgotten issue.
  • The platform comes equipped with a full-fledged marketplace for trading NFTs and Y-tokens. Creators can convert their creations into environment-friendly NFTs to be sold to fans. This provides a way for creators to directly benefit from the content they create.
  • The feed on this platform is intelligently generated by dedicated AI that takes into account users’ interests, interactions, and preferences. It makes sure that the right content finds the right audience.
  • YouClout rewards its creators for their consistency and efforts with influencer badges for things like the largest community, most engaging content, and longest-held conference. Users of this platform can discover creators based on these badges, ytokens, engagement, and quality of content.
  • This community-driven platform comes provides creators with brand new tools for interacting with fans and monetizing content.

Are Community Driven Platforms the Future?

Community-driven TikTok-style NFT Marketplace

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YouClout NFT

YouClout NFT

Community-driven TikTok-style NFT Marketplace

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