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2 min readJan 9, 2022


Hello everyone

As everyone knows we promised a report today.

We had the launch date set for the 20th of December after full audit of the project, sadly the audit came out very negative and I had to change the CTO (alexandru mincu) and the whole team for poor performances.
Since then we have a brand new CTO who is doing a marvelous job and is actually on time with all the dates he expressed and we would like to give a warm welcome to Adrian Petcu, our new CTO.
The whole team have been revised with top notch professionals in each field of work and this month we will release everything with a brand new concept and a new vision on YouClout!
The metaverse (beta version) we are building along with the marketplace will be launched by mid april with all the features within:
The landsale will happen this month after the audit is over and everything is smooth, we don’t want to launch anything until everything is in place for the safety of our investors!

As a sidenote, we had no christmas and the whole marketplace code has been rewritten in 2 weeks, we are now waiting for the audit to come out so we can give you a whole new view on YouClout and its perspectives, which we are sure you will enjoy.
We are not going to sweet talk anyone, we are transparent as always and we would like to thank everyone for their trust.

As for january, in the second part of the month you will have ALOT of updates and surprises as thing move forward.

With warm regards,
Youclout team